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Generative AI Strategy & Education

It seems like everyone is using ChatGPT, Midjourney and other AI tools to become authors and artists overnight. In fact, we have barely scratched the surface.

Join us for tailored, hands-on Generative AI training sessions for enterprises, small businesses, educational institutions, and technology enthusiasts. We will explore practical ways that you can use Generative AI tools regardless of your technical ability.

In-person sessions in Hong Kong, Montreal, Toronto and select cities. Virtual sessions worldwide.

Seminars, Workshops and Training

A mix of Generative AI strategy and hands-on experience

Our training sessions are collaborative and interactive. We will cover real-world applications of Generative AI across industries, professional functions, as well as for personal use.

Check out our standard half-day and full-day training sessions below.

Contact​ us for full session agendas, pricing, customized training needs.


Generative AI for Business Leaders

  • Generative AI tools, concepts, and business applications

  • Strategic Decision Making with Generative AI

  • Implementing & operationalizing Generative AI at your firm

  • Generative AI ethics and change management

  • Future of work - Job creation or automation?


Generative AI Tools - Tips and Tricks

  • Hands-on tutorials for ChatGPT, Midjourney, and similar Generative AI tools 

  • Prompt engineering tips to generate quality text and images​

  • Cheat sheets for getting the most out of Generative AI models

  • Conceptual understanding of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Diffusion models

A stock photo of skyscrapers in a central business district, camera looking up from the gr

Generative AI for Professional Services

  • Generative AI tools, concepts, and business applications

  • Generative AI use cases for

    • Finance and investing 

    • Client services

    • Marketing

    • Content creation

    • Legal & compliance

    • Education

    • HR & recruitment

Our Trainers

We are industry practitioners, university lecturers, and consultants.

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