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Preparing Corporations for AI Transformation

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Executive Summary

Many companies fail to scale up their AI pilot projects. Many AI initiatives have their budgets cut because they do not deliver results quickly enough.

The problem is not technology or talent. The culprits are often corporate culture and practices designed for a pre-AI age. To deploy AI at scale, executives must build a culture where business and technical teams can collaborate seamlessly.

The need to deploy AI at scale is increasingly relevant given the Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has revealed the need and urgency to innovate business models. We expect that years of innovation will be squeezed into months. Companies that expect AI to be part of their innovation drive must ensure that they are able to deploy at scale.

Our 10-part AI transformation framework helps executives prepare their company for AI implementation at scale and achieve sustained competitive advantage. This is not necessarily a sequential list for companies to progress along. Most companies will be proficient at one or more parts of this framework.

Instead, this executive guide describes the necessary conditions for a culture that promotes successful AI implementation. Business leaders can use this framework to diagnose their company’s proficiency in each area and increase the likelihood of successful AI adoption.

The AI Transformation Framework

The Gartner CIO survey in 2019 claimed that 37% of 3,000 surveyed companies have already deployed AI. How can the remaining 63% fast-track implementation so that they do not fall too far behind?

Technology and talent are not enough. Firms must break down cultural barriers and rethink organizational structures to deploy AI across departments and geographies.

Executives can, however, use our 10-part framework to guide them on their AI transformation journey:

  1. Aim to deploy AI at scale

  2. Build AI awareness across the firm

  3. Commit to an AI transformation vision

  4. Embrace a data-driven culture

  5. Plan a portfolio of AI projects

  6. Allocate AI talent and assign responsibilities

  7. Build an in-house AI team and partner with AI vendors

  8. Connect business & technical teams

  9. Integrate data silos

  10. Invest in adoption and change management

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Preparing Corporations for AI Adoption_B
Download • 2.68MB

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