blu offers Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services to help you navigate the ever changing technological landscape and bring you closer to your customers than you ever thought possible. We bring an unmatched team of experts on the frontiers of multiple streams of AI and which combines business acumen and technology to take you to the next level. We challenge you to dream. Let us help you get there!

Network of Experts

Our team of experts come from the upper echelons of their respective fields which neural networks, evolutionary algorithm, machine learning, natural language processing, data science, cloud computing.


We bring the best minds around the world to bear on your business to focus on both business model innovation and implementation of AI solutions.

Value Creation

Unlock the untapped potential in your business. From improving mundane everyday processes, to making customer interactions seamless and more meaningful, to the moonshots that will propel your business to becoming an industry leader, there is opportunity everywhere. Once we sit with you and understand your needs, the power of AI is literally at your fingertips.


We know change can sometimes be challenging. But in today’s fast paced data-driven economy change is a given. Our perspective is that AI capabilities seek to enhance what you already have, but each business is different and there’s no one stop solution. If you’re ready to open the door and look at what possibilities are out there, call us, and let’s take the journey together!


Every organization goes on its "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey

Amongst our client base, we have seen varying levels of AI knowledge, AI sophistication, and AI smarts. That being said, we have also seen a common thread of an AI journey every organization goes on. Before effectively implementing AI, there is first the awareness and education phase where clients get more exposure to AI while simultaneously debunking myths and understanding the real capabilities of the available AI technologies. The second step involves strategy consulting where we help clients identify, qualify, and prioritize, business use case win points or sometimes pain points that AI can address. Finally, we assist clients in implementing AI projects within their businesses, both in terms of technology and in issues relating to change management, organization culture, and employee adoption. More specifically, blu’s offerings within these three AI journey stages include:   

Awareness and Education

  • Awareness

    • Private speaking engagements

    • One-on-one initial consultations

  • Formal Education

    • Customized Corporate AI workshops –  Upper management and C-suite

      Conference speaking engagements

    • Conference speaking engagements

    • Quarterly AI workshops for professionals and C-level

      • Next 2-day AI workshop is on 15-16 November 2019

      • Contact for more details

Strategy Consulting

  • What we do:

    • AI Business Use case identification

    • Strategy roadmap development

  • What we have:

    • AI Strategy Experts

    • Business Consultants

Project Implementation

  • What we do:

    • AI talent search

    • Change management and organizational culture workshops

    • Product defect detection

    • Document recognition and information extraction

    • Customer Experience/Chatbots

    • Trading Indicators

    • Corporate Documents   

  • What we have:

    • blu’s AI Specialist Expert Network

Data Consulting

  • What we do:

    • Data Audit

    • Data Cleaning

    • Data Analysis

    • Alternative data sources for investments

  • What we have:

    • Data Scientist

    • Data experts on financial data and alternate data


Fabrice Fischer

Founder & CEO

The Future of Finance is a book co-authored by Fabrice Fischer and provides an easy to understand overview of Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and cryptocurrencies. The book also looks at the emerging trends in the aforementioned areas by examining real world practical applications and use cases.

Fabrice Fischer is the Founder and CEO of blu, an Artificial Intelligence advisory firm specializing in disruptive innovation within the Financial Services industry.


Fabrice has spent over 20 years in Financial Services and IT in Asia, Europe and North America. Over the past six years as CFO of Sentient Technologies, he oversaw a period rapid growth, which has led to the company being one of the world’s best funded AI outfits. He was also instrumental in the launch of Sentient Investment Management, Sentient’s hedge fund anchored on artificial intelligence, to continually evolve and optimize its investment strategies.


Fabrice’s career highlights also include starting a HK-based IT-services company in infrastructure and ERP for the Asset Management industry. Later, he joined Bain & Co. as a Consultant advising companies in the Private Equity, IT, and Telecom industries across Europe and afterwards continued as an independent advisor to Banks and Asset Managers. He was the CFO and COO of Bryan Garnier, a European boutique Investment Bank, whose activities included Corporate Finance, Brokerage, Asset Management and Private Banking. In this role, he oversaw the equity analysis team and also the asset management activities of the bank. Fabrice has also been a Visiting Lecturer at University of Hong Kong (HKU) where he taught an MBA class, “Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders”. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology teaching “Big Data in Finance” and “Portfolio Management with FinTech applications” to their MBAs and Masters students.


Fabrice completed a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from University of Montreal and also holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Kevin Pereira

Managing Director, Financial Services

Kevin Pereira is currently the Managing Director covering Financial Services for blu Artificial Intelligence. After growing up in Hong Kong, he started his career in Private Banking with Citi in New York where he worked within both the Investments and Relationship Management areas. He then moved back to Hong Kong to join Bank of New York Mellon’s Asset Management business, where he helped to build a new group that specialized in products tailored to High Net Worth Individuals. After going back to business school, Kevin joined a Technology startup in Myanmar that was building out internet infrastructure which included fiber optic, cell towers and data centers. In this role, he spent half his time with the Venture Capital firm in Hong Kong and the rest on the ground with the portfolio company in Myanmar.


Kevin is also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), where he teaches a full-credit MBA course, “Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders”. He also lectures at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) as a Visiting Scholar where he teaches “Big Data in Finance”. In addition to his education work in academia, Kevin has delivered numerous corporate AI workshops to members of innovation and strategy teams from a myriad of industries in multiple locations around the world.


Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with concentrations in Finance, Management and Marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He also has an MBA from INSEAD.


With the Artificial Intelligence rapid pace of development, we are looking for the very best talents with a thirst for learning in a knowledge sharing environment and the ability to come with pragmatic innovative solutions.


We are looking for experts in the various sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence, data scientists, software engineers, as well as senior business and strategy consultants with financial services industry knowledge. Please send your resume to


blu is an equal opportunity employer.



March 7th 2018

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